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Packages that use ZoneDTO

Uses of ZoneDTO in fr.cnes.sitools.form.dataset.dto

Methods in fr.cnes.sitools.form.dataset.dto that return types with arguments of type ZoneDTO
 java.util.List<ZoneDTO> FormDTO.getZones()
          Gets the zones value
static java.util.List<ZoneDTO> FormDTO.zonesToDTO(java.util.List<Zone> zones)
          Convert a list of Zone to a ZoneDTO

Method parameters in fr.cnes.sitools.form.dataset.dto with type arguments of type ZoneDTO
static java.util.List<Zone> FormDTO.dtoToZones(java.util.List<ZoneDTO> dtos)
 void FormDTO.setZones(java.util.List<ZoneDTO> zones)
          Sets the value of zones

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